Culinary Coach


Over the years, I've had the pleasure of being involved in various projects, large and small, with the culinary as the main object. My experiences as a former Restaurant Manager and Team Manager for the Danish National Chefs Team have contributed with a lot of knowledge and greater understanding of the culinary world, at different levels. I believe it is essential that we share our knowledge and help to inspire others to discover and rediscover their passion and motivation, as it ultimaely canhelp to create an improvement.

I have worked with and coached a bunch of ​​different companies, public as private, which all shared a common desire to create change. But change often becomes a buzzword, where the goal becomes impossible.Instead, it's all about asking yourself, 'Who is the change an improvement for?

Change vs. improvement

By asking this question, I have learned, many times, that a lot of people do not have these considerations in mind and therefore do not know the answer. If there is no answer as to who the change is an improvement for, then there is basically no need for change. Based on my background in Pedagogy, Process and Development Management, my focus has always been to stay at eye level with the person I am guiding, as the interesting part is the human behind. There is no problem that is too big or too small, it's just a matter of getting to know the people you work with and guiding them through the path that makes the best sense for the company and the product. As a culinary coach, I am available with help and guidance in areas such as holistic sensory skills, meal and concept development. If you want to hear more, then don't be afraid to get in touch, so we can help to createan improvement for you.



The main focus is not just at the entire plate, but as a whole. Therefore you have to work on stimulating and interact the 5 senses.


The meal has to be put in center. It's all about rethinking and developing a product that renders the right value for the individual.


It is all about securing a strong concept, no matter if its regarding developing a new restaurant, menu or product.