I have more than 40 years of experience from the restaurant and food industry, and I'm the former owner of the Michelin restaurant, Les Etioles - Et Une Rose, in Copenhagen. Despite being the culinary manager of the Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv, I also act as a judge in various panels and competitions.

In 1997, I was awarded the title of head of education at Aalborg Food College, where I was responsible for 600 students and 80 employees in various food educations. Alongside that, for seven years I had the pleasure of working as the Team Manager for the Danish National Chefs Team, where I had the task of training a team consisting of Denmarks and the world's most talented gastronomers, such as Rasmus Kofoed, Rasmus Munk, Ronny Mortensens , Michael Munk, Jeppe Foldager and Thorsten Schmidt.

Culinary journey

In 2018, something new was to happen and I had the opportunity to create a new innovatiove food platform for companies and Vejle Municipality. At Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv, I am ready to help with everything from thinking food in new ways,holistic sensory, meal development and concept development.

It was incredibly important for me to create a space where all the senses and creativity are put into play through experimental learning.

To keep up to date on the latest knowledge and be able to share my experiences, I sit in various networking groups, where food is the primary agenda.

Curriculum Vitae


1975-1978: The chef education, Hotel Marienlyst.

1980-1982: Waiter programme, Restaurant Pakhuskælderen, 71 Nyhavn Hotel.

1980-1982: Merkonom in Accounting, Niels Brock.

1998-1998: PG, Vocational pedagogical basic education for teachers , DEL Aarhus.

1999-2000: Diploma in Process Management, Ankerhus, Aarhus.

2002-2005: Diploma in Development Management, Ankerhus, Aarhus.

2005-2006: Development Management, Ankerhus, Aarhus.


1991-: Chef of the Year and Danish Chamionship for culinary students.

2004-: Nordic Chef of the Year.

2004-: Læsø Lobster Festival.

2006-2012: Bocuse d’Or.

2014-: Local Cooking.

2012 og 2016: Culinary Olympics Games.

2010, 2014 og 2018: World Cup.

2015 og 2017: Head of Jury, Global Chef.

2022: Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2022, EXPOGAST


1988-1994: Michelinstjerne, Restaurant Les Etoiles et Une Rose.

1996: Recipient of the Ejler Jørgensens Honorary Diploma.

2002: Goldmedal, Hospitality School, Culinary Star of Europe.

2004: Silver and bronze medal, Culinary Olympics, Erfurt,

with the National Chefs Team.

2004: Awarded Gordon Bleu Order from the Association of Chefs.

2006: Gold and silver medal, World Cup, Luxembourg,

with the Danish National Chefs Team.

2007: Gold winner, Kremlin Culinary Cup, Moskva,

with the Danish National Chefs Team.
2008: Gold winner, Culinary Olympics, Erfeurt, with the Danish National Chefs Team.
2013: Awarded the Cordon Rouge. honor in Nordic gastronomy.


1978 – 1980: Chef at Restaurant Orkideen, Rødovre Centrum.

1982 – 1983: Waiter at Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen.

1983 – 1985: Deputy Head of the Royal Shooting Range, "Sølyst", in Klampenborg.

1985 – 1987: Restaurant Manager for Fyrskibet 71 Nyhavn and Restaurant Pakhuskælderen.

1988-1994: Owner of Les Etoiles – et Une Rose.

1994-1997: Deputy Director, Hotel Scheelsminde, Aalborg.

1997-2006: Education Manager, Aalborg Food College.

2003-2010: Teammanager, The Danish National Chefs Team.

2010-: Owner of Smagens Univers ApS.

2010-2016: Senior Consultant, Technological Institute, Agrotech.

2016-2018: Project Developer, Madens Hus, Det Grønne Museum.

2018-: Gastronomic Director, Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv.


1988-: The association of chefs, Danmark.

1988-: Chaine des Rotisseurs.

1989-1994: The Professional Chefs Committee.

1990-: Euro-Toques.

1998-: Nordic Kitchen Association.

2004-: Member, Nordic Culinary Comittee.

2004-: member, Danish Food Forum.

2012-2017: Vice Chair, Culinary Competition Comittee, WACS

(World Association of Chefs Societies).

2014: Board Memeber,'Council for Healthy Food’